Looking for the perfect Fourth of July bev to serve up? We are so excited to share one of Brooke's new favorite go to's, a FROZEN version of a Ranch Water.

The Layers here are super refreshing, and light.  The key here is the hibiscus simple syrup, which adds a little floral nod to the traditional ranch water, plus with as hot as it is outside, don't we all need a little frozen beverage in our life?

Simple Syrup is the heaviest ingredient as it is more dense with the sugar, so be sure to place on the bottom, unless of course you want to swirl! The finished result looks like a bomb pop in a glass!


We hope you enjoy and comment below to let us know what you thought!!


***To enjoy this as a non-alcoholic beverage, simply blend the ice with lime and topochico and layer on the hibiscus simple syrup.  For the blue top, you could add anything from blue raspberry coconut syrup to blue koolaide! 

June 30, 2022 — Brooke Wright

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