introducing Brooke
Our amazing boss, artist, lifestyle designer, and owner of Brooke Wright Designs! Brooke currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Some of her favorite things in life include spending time at her coast house, sipping on prosecco, a funky monogram, and donning her fun and colorful wardrobe, all while staying true to her southern roots and savvy style. here).
Brooke is a wonderful wife and mommy to two beautiful baby girls, who are both a healthy dose of sassy and sweet! She’s a lover of people, and bases her brand on the idea that spreading JOY is the easiest way to make the world a little bit better!
Newly wed, and the orchestrator of all things happening, when you email or call, know you are being very well taken care of! 
She helps with all of the design process as well as taking care of each and every one of our customers!