Welcome to our blog! Our team is so excited to be able to share a little bit of who we are and some behind the scenes moments with you! We hope our blog will help make your experience with Brooke Wright Designs more personal and keep you up to date on what's going on!

Let's start with a little introduction to who we are!

Brooke is our amazing boss, artist, lifestyle designer, and owner of Brooke Wright Designs! She currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and darling little girls. Some of her favorite things in life include spending time at her coast house, sipping on martinis, a fabulous monogram, and donning her fun and colorful wardrobe, all while staying true to her southern roots and savvy style.

Ami is our customer service gal and fulfillment coordinator! She answers all of your questions and is a delight! She brings so much light and positivity.  Ami has two young babies and is also a professor.

Maggie does a little bit about everything around the studio! She is a huge animal lover, an educator, and always on the search for the best chips and queso in town. On the weekends you might find Maggie with her husband on the patio at Joe T's or hanging out with their energetic Golden Retriever. Maggie is currently on maternity leave, but we expect her back oh so soon! 

Harry is our adorable Goldendoodle studio dog. He helps keep us in line at work and is always down for a good ear scratch. :) 

JJ is our studio bunny we rescued out of our parking lot.  He is not a wild bunny, and litterbox trained immediately.  He loves Kale, his nose rubbed, and the morning sunshine.

We hope you love being a part of this journey with us.  Our team is putting together so much more content for the future, and we could not be more excited. Stay tuned for fabulous in house recipes, projects, Brooke's new house tours etc. We promise you will not be disappointed in the behind the scenes.


As always. Welcome joy. It is free, you just have to take it.




January 05, 2021 — Brooke Wright

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